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Esquire Manual Projector Screen 180 X 180 Retail Box 1 year Limited Warranty ESQUIRE MANUAL PROJECTOR SCREEN,180*180C
Product Overview
The Esquire Manual Projector Screen 180 X 180 manual series is a high quality and robust manual screen that is operated using a spring mechanism  for use with any projector system.
This unit  is suitable for conference rooms with high-end equipment. It also produces excellent results in a home cinema environment.
The thick and heavy fabric improves the flatness of the screen.
The high-quality adjustment mechanism enables settings at different formats and makes the screen suitable for different aspect ratios: from 1:1, 4:3, 16:9
The screen has a gain factor of 1.0 suitable for both LCD and DLP projectors. This provides complete flexibility. The black back ensures that no light is lost and the projection is clear.
The black border surround ensures increased contrast and improves the flatness of the fabric. The screen is ideal for wall or ceiling mounting.

- 180 x 180cm viewing area
- 3cm black border (left/right)
- Housing dimensions: 203 x 7 x 7cm (WxHxD)
- Incredible value for your money
- Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
- With a gain factor of 1.0 ideal for Home Cinema and business environments
- Black back impervious to light
- Adjustable for different aspect ratios
- White housing
- Weight 7.5kg

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