Manhattan HDMI to VGA Converter - HDMI Male to VGA Female, with audio, Black , Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Easily connect an HDMI source with a VGA display.

Manhattan HDMI to VGA Converter -HDMI Male to VGA Female, with audio, black

Product Overview

The Manhattan HDMI to VGA Converter helps establish a fast, simple and convenient link between newer HDMI-equipped desktop and notebook computers and other media sources with existing VGA monitors, projectors and other display devices. The Manhattan HDMI to VGA Converter is easy and quick to install and requires no complicated configuration or setup to help extend the service life and fully realize the investment and value of legacy VGA displays, projectors and other equipment. This low-power, cost-effective and reliable solution allows users to transition to HDMI bandwidths, resolutions, Deep Color and more without the expense of upgrading to newer and costly monitors and projectors. Its integrated, all-in-one design helps achieve a compact, integrated solution that eliminates unnecessary cables, tangles and clutter to keep installations and work spaces neat and orderly. Its 3.5mm stereo port allows the converter to transmit audio to an external audio device with convenient, included 3.5mm audio cable, and its Micro-USB port allows for additional power if required.

•Converts an HDMI digital signal to a VGA analogue video, with audio output port
•Enjoy high-definition images on a VGA monitor, projector or other display device; supports 1080p analogue video output
•Fully shielded to reduce EMI and other interference sources
•Gold-plated contacts for best performance
•Moulded PVC boot and strain relief
•Micro-USB port if additional power is required

Standards and Certifications
•HDMI 1.3

•HDMI 19-pin male, gold plated
•VGA 15-pin female, nickel plated
•3.5mm male, gold plated
•3.5mm female, nickel plated
•Micro-USB female, nickel plated
•Moulded PVC boot

•30 AWG connectors
•Mylar and aluminium shielding
•Withstanding voltage: 300 VDC
•Insulation resistance: 10 MΩ
•Conductive resistance: 5 Ω
•Thermal plastic casing
•Length: 26 cm (10.2 in.)
•Weight: 34 g (1.2 oz.)

 Audio Cable
•3.5mm male (2)
•32 AWG cable
•Withstanding voltage: 300 VDC
•PVC jacket
•Length: 0.5 m (1.5 ft.)

 Package Contents
•HDMI to VGA Converter
•Stereo audio cable

User opinions
8 - Excellent      (Rated by 2 users)

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8 - ExcellentBy Ross Gary Saunders - 07/12/2016 10:27
Works well with Dell
Does what it is meant to and works with notebooks that may be difficult with other adapters. read more...

 • 1 out of 1 users found this review helpful

8 - ExcellentBy Nelson Gil - 20/11/2017 06:57
Works with any Graphics card / Laptop
I've used this product on PC's and Laptops. It does exactly what it's supposed to do. read more...

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