Honeywell Voyager 1202G 1D Bluetooth Wireless General Purpose Handheld Scanner, Up to 10 m from the base, Black, USB, Scan Pattern - Area Image (640 x 480 pixel array), Reads standard 1D and GS1 DataBar symbologies, Retail Box, 1 year Limited Warranty

Product Overview:
Voyager 1200g (wired) and 1202g (wireless) laser barcode scanners are built on the world's best-selling single-line laser scanner platform. They aggressively scan virtually all linear barcodes. And they do an exceptional job of reading poor quality and even damaged barcodes.

Aggressive Scan Performance
Maintain productivity with a worry-free linear scanning solution, even when reading poor quality and damaged barcodes.
Wired or Wireless
Enjoy the freedom of unencumbered movement up to 10 m (33 ft) from the base, or the security of a wired connection.

Enable Presentation Scanning
Increases throughput by providing object detection and automatic in-stand detection and configuration.

Superior Out-of-Box Experience
Easy setup with tool-free stand assembly, automatic in-stand detection and configuration, and automatic interface detection.

CodeGate Technology
Ensures the desired barcode is scanned before transmitting data, making the scanner ideal for use in menu scanning applications.

Wireless, Battery-Free Version Also Available
The eco-friendly Voyager 1202g-bf device breaks new ground as the world's first supercapacitor-powered barcode scanner.

Product Details
The Voyager 1200g (wired) and 1202g (wireless) barcode scanners give you able-bodied performance and flexibility for a wide variety of hands-free and handheld scanning applications. Regardless of the model you choose, these Voyager scanners deliver aggressive scan performance on virtually all linear barcodes.
• Decode poorly printed, smudged, faded and other difficult-to-read barcodes with ease.
• Scan high-density barcodes, too, with resolution down to 3.5 mil. In most cases, that eliminates the need to purchase specialty scanners.
And take advantage of the Voyager scanner's class-leading, hands-free presentation scanning. It maximizes throughput with updated object detection and automatic in-stand detection and configuration.

We designed these Voyager scanners to decrease your downtime and service costs too.
• Single shock-mounted PCB delivers greater impact resistance.
• Recessed button is protected by an integrated rubber co-mold that minimizes the impact of accidental drops.
• Designed with a protected, scratch-resistant glass window and an IP42-rating.
The Voyager 1202g wireless model incorporates a Bluetooth Class 2 radio. You'll have unrestricted movement up to 10 m (33 ft) from the base, and up to 30 m (100 ft) with a clear line-of-sight between scanner and base.
And if you ever misplace a scanner, the Voyager's paging system uses visual and auditory signals to help you find the missing device quickly.
• Product Code: PTA-1202G-2USB-5
• Description: Honeywell Voyager 1202G 1D Bluetooth Wireless General Purpose Handheld Scanner,
Scan performance
• Scan Pattern: Area Image (640 x 480 pixel array)
• Motion Tolerance: Up to 10 cm/s (4 in/s) for 13 mil UPC at optimal focus
• Scan Angle: Horizontal 37.8 Degrees, Vertical 28.9 Degrees
• Symbol Contrast: 35% minimum reflectance difference
• Pitch, Skew: +-60 Degrees, +-70 Degrees
• Decode Capability: Reads standard 1D and GS1 DataBar symbologies. (Note: Decode capabilities dependent on kit configuration)

Operating power
• Scanner: N/A
• Base
• 5 W (1 A @ 5 V with power supply), 2.5W (0.5 A @ 5 V with USB)
• 0.625 W (0.125 A @ 5 V)
• Battery Scanner: 1800 mAh Li-ion minimum, Base: N/A
• Expected Operation Time 1202g: 12 hours
• Expected Charge Time 1202gi: 4. hours
• Number of Scans 1202g: Up to 45,000 scans per charge
• Host System Interfaces Base: USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS232, IBM 46xx (RS485)
• Operating Temperature Scanner: 5 to 40 Degrees Celcius
o Base:
o Charging: 5 to 40 Degrees Celcius
o Non-Charging 0 to 50 Degrees Celcius
• Storage Temperature: 1202g: -5 to 35 Degrees Celcius
• Humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
• Drop: Designed to withstand 30 1.5 m (5 ft) drops to concrete
• Environmental Sealing IP42
• Light Levels: 0 to 70,000 lux (6,500 foot-candles)

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