Esquire Durable Laser Barcode Scanner , Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

• High-Sensitivity Laser Scan Engine
• 32-bit Decoding Technology
• Scan Speed: 200 scan/sec (GS-6000) or 100 scan/sec (GS-6500)
• Depth of Field: 3 ~ 55 mm (max) (GS-6000) or 3 ~ 50 cm (max) (GS-6500)
• Ergonomic Design and Durable Housing
• Interface: RS-232, USB, Keyboard Wedge
• Exchangeable cable (interface)

Durable Laser Barcode Scanner - GS-6000

GS-6000 / GS-6500 are fast-scanning handheld laser engine barcode scanners. The models support standard RS-232, USB, and Keyboard Wedge. With good performances, the rugged and compact scanners are suitable for applications in the retail industry, inventory management, logistic, warehouse, and manufacturing process management.

32-bit decoding technology
With the high-sensitivity laser scan engine scanning performance available, GS-6000 / GS-6500 include 32-bit decoding technology that can read barcodes in an outstanding high speed. The models are advanced level scanners that are ideal for most of the integrated systems and machines.

Ergonomic design and durable housing
The ergonomic exterior design and durable housing enable GS-6000 / GS-6500 easy to grab and operate for longer operating time and easy installation. The detachable interface cable allows GS-6000 / GS-6500 to change the interface for maintenance or installation. Users do not need to purchase different interfaces of barcode scanners anymore; the reliability of GS-6000 / GS-6500 still ensure fascinating performances of massive scan tasks as well.

• Product Code: GS-6000-USB-ESQ-LG
• Description: Esquire Durable Laser Barcode Scanner
• Scan Rate: 200 scans/sec
• Sensor Type: Laser diode
• Wavelength: 650 nm ± 10 nm
• Depth of Field: 3 ~ 55 cm max
• Contrast Ratio: >30%
• Scan Patten: Single scan line
• Resolution: 0.1 mm (4 mil) max.
• System Interface: Keyboard Wedge / RS-232 / USB (USB-HID, USB-UART, HID-POS)
• Indicator: Buzzer and LED illumination
• Readable Bar Code Symbologies: EAN-8/JAN-8, EAN-13/JAN-13, UPC-E, Code-128, CODE-93, RSS-Standard, RSS-Limited, RSS-Expanded, CODE-39, Inter-Leaved 2/5, Inter-Standard 2/5, Matrix 2/5, Industrial 2/5, China-Post, MSI, MSI-PLESSEY, CODE-BAR, CODE-11
• Auto Scan: No
• Power Input: 5VDC ± 5%
• Operation Mode: 50 mA (100 mA max)
• Power: 5V DC via cable
• Material: ABS
• Color: Grey
• Shock Resistance: 1.5m drop onto concrete
• Compliance: CE, FCC
• Weight: approx. 238 g (with cable)
• Dimension (L x W x H: mm): 170.5 x 68.5 x 90.6
• Cable Length: 180 cm, exchangeable
• Ambient Light: Daylight 4800 Lux
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